December 2017 | Dubai, UAE

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OPEX Middle East Draft Agenda

PEX Network has been delivering marquee process excellence events for the last 20 years and in 2018 we are bringing OpEx Week to the Middle East.

Interviews with Industry Leaders

“Process professionals must learn to think more like a CEO”: Interview with DuPont's Don Linsenmann

Linsenmann is Vice President Business Process Excellence and Corporate Six Sigma Champion for DuPont Corporation where he has worked since 1999 when he was appointed the company’s first and only Corporate Six Sigma Champion.
In this PEX Network interview, Linsenmann discusses the changes he’s seen in the process space over that time and how he expects the concepts of convergence and "transcedency" to shape the space in the years ahead.

Coca-Cola, Euroports, Air France and EON’s 10-Step Guide to Successful Enterprise-wide Business Transformation

PEX Network caught up with four industry experts to uncover their top tips for improving business performance in 2016 and beyond.
A handy “how to” guide to transforming the way your business operates to become more innovative, lean and customer-centric than ever.


Business Transformation in the Middle East

Learn from the region’s leading innovators on how to transform your business today to remain competitive tomorrow.
This business paper speaks to strategy and transformation experts to investigate what exactly is business transformation and the role it can play in Middle Eastern business.

4th Biennial PEX Network Report: State of the Industry

Every two years, PEX Network undertakes a State of the Industry investigation into how organizations are approaching process management and improvement.
The 2015/16 global research project seeks to better understand current trends on how organizations are approaching operational excellence (OpEx). What tools and methodologies are currently being used? What is the outlook for budgets and resources? What are the general trends, challenges, and practitioner predictions for 2016 and beyond?

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